Orofacial Pain.

Orofacial Pain is a complaint that around the world affects millions of people on a daily basis. It constitutes any symptom that occurs from a large number of disorders and diseases that result in a sensation of discomfort or pain felt in the region of the face, mouth, nose, ears, eyes, neck, and head.

When a person experiences pain in any other part of the body, often that pain or discomfort can be ‘tolerated, endured, or ignored’ to some level until symptoms become bad enough that the person seeks treatment.

When pain occurs in the Orofacial region however, it often sparks an immediate attention response consisting of a significant level of concern and worry. The Orofacial region exists to perform many functions vital to human life support and therefore it is the most anatomically complex of all body systems, and has an enormous level of brain function and nerve supply dedicated to its daily operation. The region performs functions such as breathing and smell, taste, sight, mastication (eating and chewing), swallowing, and communication (verbal and non-verbal).