• Differential diagnosis and treatment of orofacial pain
  • Conventional or Non Surgical Endodontic Procedures:
Initial root canal treatment of all dental groups (anterior, pre-molars and molars) Endodontic treatment of teeth with calcified or obstructed canals. (I.e. broken posts). Endodontic Retreatment: Treatment of infected teeth previously treated with root canal.  
  • Regenerative endodontic procedures: Endodontic treatment of permanent teeth with immature/open apecies.
  • Treatment of patients who suffered traumatic injury to their dentition and oro-facial structures. Teeth with complicated crown fractures (broken teeth where the nerve is exposed. Horizontal root fractures. Lateral displacement injuries: Concussions, sub-luxations, luxations, avulsions (teeth knocked-out).
  • Surgical endodontic procedures. Apicectomy with retrofill. Guided tissue regeneration procedures.